No-Flip Blueberry Oven Pancake

Making one giant pancake instead of a bunch of smaller ones means that everyone can sit down to pancake breakfast at the same time. Use the 10 minutes when the pancake is in the oven to locate your maple syrup and butter and get plates onto the table.

Salad Ramen

When Brunette wine bar in upstate NY posted a photo of their hiyashi chuka and captioned it, “This ramen is basically a …

Napa Cabbage and Cucumber Slaw

If you make this cabbage slaw ahead, the vegetables will continue to soften as they sit and become more like pickles, which …

Tomato and Parmesan Risotto

Use the smallest tomatoes you can find at the market for this risotto recipe. They’ll be extra sweet and have thin skins.

Simple Marinated Chicken Thighs

These grilled chicken thighs are all about the marinade. This Vietnamese-inspired marinade is packed with fish sauce, brown sugar, and chiles.