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Healthy Diet Recipes

Kimchi Toast

If we had to give this toast recipe a bunch of random personality traits, we’d describe it as a rule-breaking hothead with a softer side. Spicy, pungent kimchi plus smooth cream cheese, topped with a scallion salad—on toast. Weirdly, it works.

Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts

You’ll be crowned a true hero once your crowd gets a taste of the sweetest, tender-crisp brussels sprouts they’ve ever had. All it takes is coring the tiny cabbages, separating out their leaves, and give them a quick turn on the stove.

Potato Nuggets

Behold, your new standard for roasted potatoes: puck-size oven fries with creamy insides and unimaginably crunchy exteriors. Seat yourself close to the serving bowl—these are going to go fast.

Fall Spritz

No punch bowls, big-batching, or complicated mixology for your holiday cocktail. Our spritz recipe is so simple—one part amaro to four parts hard cider—that guests can make it themselves (you’ve got plenty to do elsewhere). Simply set out both bottles with glasses and a bucket of ice; they can handle …

Glazed Apple Tart

If you’re the type who prefers fruit desserts that are heavy on the fruit, this apple tart’s for you. Halved apples (that’s right, no slicing or dicing) are roasted with brandy and maple syrup, then arranged on a pastry base with almond streusel to add crunch and absorb any rogue …