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Low Fat

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

“This chunky soup is chock-full of hearty ingredients like potatoes and black beans,” notes Heather Baldry of Knoxville, Tennessee. “The tasty vegetable broth is a nice change from chicken or beef.”

Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

These golden buns, with a light seasoning from cinnamon and allspice, were a family Easter tradition. My mom made them only once a year using her mother’s recipe. Icing crosses make a tasty topping and reflect the meaning of the holiday. -Lorrie Bailey, Pulaski, Iowa

Bringing Home Baby Carrots

Carrots cooked in apple juice and honey are a tasty, sweet accompaniment to the chicken casserole. Of course, I used baby carrots in this recipe for my theme menu. The word does double duty in the title for this dish. -Ame Andrews, Little Rock, Arkansas

Marinated Artichoke Salad

Artichoke hearts, fresh vegetables and Italian salad dressing combine to make this no-fuss favorite from Ann Marie Petri. “I always take this salad to get-togethers,” says the Barron, Wisconsin cook. “A special event wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Brown Rice Slaw

It’s simple to put a refreshing salad on the menu when you follow this rapid recipe from Mary McGeorge of Little Rock, Arkansas. Brown rice, coleslaw mix, apples and nuts make an appealing combination when coated with a sweet orange dressing.

Spicy Veggie & Lentil Soup

I enjoy this recipe for the simple fact that it’s meatless, easy on the pocket and simply delicious! You can substitute any vegetable you like— it’s all a matter of preference. Serve bread or a salad on the side. —Geraldine Hennessey, Glendale, New York