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Low Fat

Savory Lemon Limas

Lima beans get a lemony lift with this treatment from Cathy Attig of Jacobus, Pennsylvania. “If you are a lima ban lover like I am, this recipe just makes them even more delicious,” she affirms. “If you simple tolerate the beans, like my husband does, you might actually fine these …

Light Three-Bean Casserole

“This recipe came from a family reunion of mostly Mennonites. It is over 30 years old,” Jane Bone shares from Cape Coral, Florida. “You can choose different beans, according to your family’s tastes, but keep the pork and beans as a base. I often take a big pot of these …

Coconut Kisses

Chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside, these meringue cookies are delicious. They add a light touch to the cookie platter, not only during the holidays but all year round.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts

This year, when I asked my brother what he wanted for his 31st birthday, he answered, “pickled Brussels sprouts.” I had never even tasted a pickled Brussels sprout before. It’s hard for me to say “no” to my younger brother, so he got his wish and thought the Brussels sprouts …

Savory Blueberry-Onion Jam

My aunt made this every year, now I make it and my daughter does too. Everyone loves it on hot dogs, meatloaf and even scrambled eggs. I even caught my mother eating a spoonful just because!—Pat Dazis, Charlotte, North Carolina

Roasted Beet Jam

My spicy jam is a recipe from my Russian grandmother, who had no written recipes and who gave few jars of the jam as gifts. I recreated the recipe from memory and think of her each time I prepare it. If you want to increase the yield, it’s easy to …