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Parmesan Muffins

“I’ve had an herb garden the last few years, so I’ve been using herbs in a variety of recipes,” relates Irene Muller of Wray, Colorado. “These aromatic muffins are a nice change from garlic bread. We like them best served warm.”

Teriyaki Pork Roast

Since my husband works full-time and attends school, I do a lot around the house, including wrangling our three kids. I’m always looking for no-fuss recipes, so I was thrilled to find this one. The juicy teriyaki seasoned pork roast has become a family favorite. —Roxanne Hulsey, Gainsville, Georgia

French Breakfast Puffs

“Rather than serve typical pastries, I like to make these light tender treats when I have guests at breakfast,” writes Kimberly Flora from Peru, Indiana. “Everyone enjoys their sweet cinnamon and sugar coating.”

Broccoli Souffle

“This golden-crowned souffle puffs up elegantly into an airy treat,” assures Clem Hood of North Battleford, Saskatchewan. “Guests will delight in its fluffy texture and luscious taste. It’s a great way to dress up everyday broccoli.”

Green Pepper Meat Loaf

“My husband, Wayne, asks for this meat loaf all the time,” reports Edna Lauderdale of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “We like it spicy, so we use hot sausage rather than mild. Slices are terrific drizzled with ketchup, served with mashed potatoes and gravy, or in meat loaf sandwiches the next day.”